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Frontières / Ben Sassi, Mohamed , 2008 [TU C01 SAS]
The Antifeeding and repellent properties of gibberellic acid against asiatic migratory locust locusta migratoria migratoria / Abdellaoui, Khemais ; Ben-Halima Kamel, Monia ; Ben-Hamouda, Mohamed-Habib , 2009 [RTU 23]
Published in:Tunisian Journal of Plant Protection: vol. 4 (no 1), pp. 57-66
La Participation de la femme au marché du travail: fondements théoriques et analyses statistiques à partir de l'enquete sur la sante de la famille (Tunisie, 2001) / Attafi, J. ; Ould-Mohamed, M.-A. ; Zaiem, M.-H. , 2009 [SA]
Published in:Famille et Population: (no 6-7), pp. 241-272
Glissement de terrain cite universitaire 2000 lits Ain-El-Bey / Cheriet, F. ; Jamel, L. [U7979]
Phase characteristics of the desert locust schistocerca gregaria swarming populations during the 2004 outbreak in Tunisia and that of 2005 in Algeria / Ammar, Mohamed ; Ben-Hamouda, Amel ; Kallel, Sadreddine ; Moumene, Khaled... [et al.] , 2009 [RTU 23]
Published in:Tunisian Journal of Plant Protection: vol. 4 (no 2), pp. 145-156
Toxicity and repellent activity of phragmites australis extracts against the mosquito Vector culex pipiens / Bream, Ahmed-S. ; Hassan, Mostafa-I. ; Fouda, Mohamed-A. ; El-Sheikh, Tarek-M. , 2009 [RTU 23]
Published in:Tunisian Journal of Plant Protection : vol. 4 (no 2), pp. 157-172
Modernisation d'une acierie a oxygene / Tayeb Bey, A. ; Zghal, M. [U7021]
L'Extraction de la matière organique du sol du centre d'enfouissement Moghogha de la ville de Tanger / El Gabli, Chifaa ; Khaddor, Mohamed ; Mouhssine, Abderrahim ; Brigui, Jamal [SP 7-4]
In recent decades, dumping sites in Morocco have bee potential source of contamination, which can have a negative impact on human health and the environment due to the accumulation of processed organic products. [...]
Published in:L'EAU, l'INDUSTRIE, LES NUISANCES: N° 430 (Mars 2020), p. 79-82
Projet d'irrigation par aspersion perimetre de Jemaa Sahim / Gasmi, A. ; Irhiouar, E. ; Jallel, L. ; Mohamed, O.-F. ...[et al.] [U5052]
Quality of feed cereals in Tunisia: natural occurrence of the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol / Ben-Sassi, Fatma ; Zarrouk, Amira ; Gargouri Kamoun, Lobna ; Hajlaoui, Mohamed-Rabeh ... [et al. ] , 2011 [RTU 23]
Published in:Tunisian Journal of Plant Protection: vol. 6 (no 1), pp. 11-19

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