Distinguer les risques sanitaire et nutritionnel perçus pour améliorer les comportements alimentaires

Laporte, Marie-Eve (Sorbonne Business School)

Abstract: Food is closely associated with well-being and health. In return, it also causes concerns. The present research studies perception of food risk through its two dimensions: (1) perception of health risk in the short term and (2) perception of nutritional risk in the long term. Two quantitative studies verify in France that consumers distinguish both dimensions and that perception of nutritional risk is now prominent. Implementing tighter standards against health risk has paradoxically created a distance between consumers and their plate, increasing perception of nutritional risk. The latter should be taken into account to reassure consumers, without overlooking health risk. The present paper analyses pratical tools to do so.

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Published in: Décision Marketing: n° 96 (Octobre-Décembre 2019), p. 53-68

Note de localisation: CNUDST (TUN01)
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