Comment gérer les paradoxes des "ateliers putois" pour innover: le cas de l'automobile

Chen, Yurong (Tsinghua University) ; Donada, Carole (Business School)

Abstract: Skunkworks, or “ateliers putois” in French, are secret and autonomous organizational structures, sponsored by the general management of large companies dedicated to quickly and radically creating innovation. Considering the contradictory debates on their outcomes, this study questions the conditions of their issues, and the role that marketing can bring in their success. Two case studies in the automobile industry open the discussion on the paradoxical characteristics of skunkworks. When compared to the literature, our analyzes lead us to propose two lines of managerial recommendations. One refers to the systematic inclusion of the marketing function in the early stages of skunkworks; the other to creating favourable conditions for integrating the benefits of skunkworks into the central organization. In these two situations, the marketing manager may help to bring together skunkworks’ innovation objectives and the market orientation of the company

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Published in: Décision Marketing: n° 95 (Juillet-Septembre 2019), p. 77-98

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