Les Histoires des marques sur leur site Internet: une histoire de transport narratif

De Pechpeyrou, Pauline (Université Paris-Est) ; Nicholson, Patrick (Université de Lille) ; Emeriau, Sebastien (Business School)

Abstract: Most companies’ websites offer a specific section entitled ‘Our story’. In the new context of digital communication, the content they broadcast is not only meant to generate a positive attitude towards the brand but it is also designed to be shared by its readers, especially over social networks. One prerequisite of such a content journey is that these stories should arouse readers’ interest. This article builds on the concept of narrative transportation to explain readers’ interest in the reading of a brand’s story. Findings show that two aspects of narrative transportation have a major influence on the interest generated by brands’ stories. These aspects thus appear to be high-priority areas brands should focus on when communicating the history of their brands through stories

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Published in: Décision Marketing: n° 95 (Juillet-Septembre 2019), p. 57-76

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