Le Rôle de la comparaison sociale dans les communautés en ligne de soutien à la perte de poids

Gallin, Steffie ; Lichtle, Marie-Christine ; Balbo, Laurie (Montpellier Business School)

Abstract: In the current context of overweightness and obesity, many online dieting support communities have emerged in recent years on the Internet. Their effect on users’ behavior have been underreported. Using two qualitative studies conducted with nutrition experts and members of online dieting support communities, this research emphasizes social comparison and social influence exerted within these communities. The results show in particular 1/ that online social influence in these communities is more informational than normative, 2/ that sometimes members may be inclined to adopt restrictive food choices based on the practices and advice of other members, 3/ that users can be influenced after social comparisons with other members, with mainly upward comparisons (with a standard considered as superior), but also downward comparisons (with an inferior standard) and lateral comparisons (with a similar standard). Comparisons can also be temporal, when using past self

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Published in: Décision Marketing: n° 95 (Juillet-Septembre 2019), p. 33-55

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