Réponses physiologiques des combats de judo féminin: effet de la variation de l'espace et la cadence du combat

Kamzi, Sana (Institut Supérieur du Sport et de L'Education Physique du Kef) ; Abdedelmalek, Selma ; Ouergui, Ibrahim

Abstract: No study in the literature has investigated the physiological responses during female judo combat: effect of space variation and combat cadence. Thus, the aim of this study was (i) to verify the effect of space variation on physiological and cardiovascular parameters before and after the judo combat and (ii) to analyze the effect of the ratio effort-pause 3: 1, 2: 1 and the free combat on the physiological profile in judokas women. Methods: Twelve female judo athletes, aged 17 to 20 years are voluntary to perform to 9 randoris of 4 min each in various combat spaces [i.e., small (4m x 4m), medium (6m x 6m) and large area (8m x 8m)] with different combat conditions [i.e, free combat, combat with a 2: 1 effort-pause ratio and combat with a 3: 1 effort-pause ratio). · Results: Our results showed a significant and similar increase in Heart rate (HR) values and the lactate [La] with highest [La] and RPE values were recorded in free combat while the highest values of the HRpic were recorded in the ratio 3: 1 in the surface of 6m x 6m and the free combat in the surface of 4m x 4m. No variation in [La], FC, and RPE was observed by surface variation. Conclusion: Overall, our results show that (i) the variation of the combat surface didn't induce any variation on the physiological, cardiovascular and perceptual responses [FC, (La) and RPE] and (ii) the variation of the temporal structure leads to higher work intensities recorded at the 3: 1 ratio in the 6m x 6m area and the free combat in the space 4m x 4m.

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Note: Mast. (Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives)—Institut Supérieur du Sport et de L'Education Physique du Kef, Kef, 2018
Note de localisation: CNUDST (TUN01)
Code de rangement: U23140

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