Investissements directs à l'étranger et croissance économique: role de la qualité des institutions

Ouslati, Rim (Faculté des Sciences Juridiques Economiques et de Gestion de Jendouba) ; Yahyaoui, Abdelkarim

Abstract: The purpose of our work is to show the importance of a sound institutional framework in the relationship between foreign direct investment and Economic Growth. In this context, first of all, we present the main determinants of foreign direct investment. We present a theoretical and empirical overview of the triangular relationship between FDI, the quality of institutions and economic growth. Finally, we empirically test the relationship between foreign direct investments, the quality of institutions, economic growth. Were made by the panel data method for the periods 1995-2010 and 2011-2017 for 30 developing countries. As a result of these estimates, the quality of the institutions is considered an important factor in not neglect in the study of the relationship between these three fields of analysis.

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Note: Mast. (Monnaie finance et banque)—Faculté des Sciences juridiques économique, Jandouba, 2018.
Note de localisation: CNUDST (TUN01)
Code de rangement: U23156

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